Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our batch's name!

Puteri Abdullah came up with the name and it suits us real well bebeh!
 In Wiki, A sovereign is the supreme lawmaking authority within its jurisdiction.

 Aku sekarang dekat cc so adobe photoshop takdak. Font teramat basic. Im printing for folio for Sem Type III and ada 6 orang before me which is Khal, Aqilah, Nurin and lain lain memang malas nak list kan. So yeah, ESOK SEM TYPE III! Semua buat kerja last minute. I got Alham, Furqan, Afiq Ikhwan and Azarul Anis besides me doing their folio. Lagi last minute. hahaha Oh btw, muka abang cc macam muka zaidi. SEDAR TAK? wakaka


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